Architectural accents make all the difference.

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Architectural Products

Blue Marline Pools, Architectural Products

Blue Marline Pools, Architectural Products


Sheer Descent Waterfalls
Jandy Sheer Descent® Waterfalls Will Be the Focal Point of Your Backyard Oasis
Enjoy the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water with Sheer Descent Waterfalls. A Sheer Descent Waterfall produces a clear arc of water that projects away from the pool wall and can easily be adjusted to suit any mood or environment. A wide range of water effects are possible from an almost silent, glass-like sheet of water to a rushing mountain spring waterfall.

A captivating addition to any new, remodeled or existing pool or spa, Sheer Descent Waterfalls are available in lengths from eight inches to eight feet, including curved and extended lip models. Choose from a variety of waterfall styles including Sheer Descent, Sheer Rain, Sheer Curtain, Sheer Arc and Rain Arc.

Jandy Aqua Garden Planters Waterfalls
Aqua Garden planters are a decorative addition to any pool and are available in a white or terra cotta finish.

Gem Pool Finishes
Beautiful finishes are designed to resist stains, etching and ugly blemishes

  • Safe, Slip resistant finishes that resist chemical abuse
  • Durable quartz and polymer mixtures that add up to years of family fun
  • Ease of maintenance due to factory blended precision

Pearl Pool Finishes
THE BEACH SERIES is a factory blended mixture of white cement, naturally tumbled stone pebbles and various admixtures specifically designed as a coating for the interior of swimming pools.

Features & Benefits:

  • A “LIFETIME” warranty
  • A non-abrasive surface
  • A strong, long lasting pool finish
  • A natural random color blended finish
  • Natural beauty provided by natures polishing process

Life Saver Pool Fences 
Life Saver’s pool fence is a removable mesh pool fence designed specifically to provide a barrier around residential swimming pools for toddlers and young children. The fence is installed in sections to provide convenience for easy removal and reinstallation by you, the homeowner. Available in 42, 48, or 60 inch heights.

Our tension based system utilizes a series of 15 foot sections of fence with inserts for mounting in non-conducting polypropylene sleeves core drilled 4 inches deep into a concrete deck or other substantial surface, connected in series at the top with 2 1/2 inch nickel-plated brass safety hooks with stainless springs. What does this mean to you? The fence remains sturdy by tension supplied from reinforced aluminum poles that slip into your deck. Pool fencing can be installed in almost any type of deck.