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Cleaner Products

The QuikClean HP Extreme Cleaning and Circulation System: The QuikClean HP Extreme is a cleaning and circulation system custom engineered specifically for the pool you create.  It will clean any pool you design with pop-up spray nozzles built right into your pool construction.  The QuikClean HP Extreme will clean steps, benches, fountains, walls, even your spa, any way you design it.  The pop-up nozzles push debris from every corner of your pool toward the un-blockable AVSC channel drain, where it can be sucked out and collected in the optional LeafVac debris canister.  In addition, the QuikClean HP Extreme system will keep lighter debris such as sand and dust in suspension so that it can be removed in the filtration process.

The QuikClean HP Extreme pop-up nozzles come in 8 colors to compliment your pool’s interior finish.  They are virtually undetectable when not in use.  This is a great improvement on the bulky robotic cleaners and floating hoses of yesterday.  The QuikClean HP Extreme system allows for unlimited creative freedom during pool design because it is engineered using state-of-the-art CAD technology for each unique setting.  The QuikClean HP Extreme cleaning system is not only safe for any pool surface, but also saves money in heating and chemicals over the lifetime of the pool.  The QuikClean HP Extreme pop-up nozzles are the only in-floor system in the world that utilize venturi hydraulics, meaning that 30% less water is needed to clean the same area as other systems.  When used in conjunction with a variable speed pump, this equates to lower pump speeds and reduced energy costs to keep your pool clean.  The QuikClean HP Extreme system enhances your pool by keeping your backyard pool clean, automatically without your time and labor.

The Permanent Cleaning Solution:  The QuikClean HP Extreme system comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty so you won’t have to budget for a new pool cleaner every few years.  Our pop-up nozzles will never touch your pool’s finish and therefore will not leave any marks or damage the surface.  The pop-up nozzles and controlling water valve are virtually maintenance-free.  The water valve controls the QuikClean HP Extreme system, allowing for the use of cleaning zones which efficiently clean the entire pool

Reduces Your Maintenance Costs! Your pools’ environment will have a large impact on maintenance costs, and the QuikClean HP Extreme system can really make a difference.  Both heat and chemicals escape the water more rapidly at the surface of the pool.  While it is impossible to eliminate that fact, the effects can be greatly reduced by returning heated, chemically treated water to the floor of the pool.  When the heat and chemicals are introduced deep under water, they get thoroughly mixed long before they reach the surface of the water.  The results are lower heat and chemical losses and lower costs for you over the lifetime of the pool.

The QuikClean HP Extreme Containment Solution is Just That, A Solution:

Don’t Endure Your Pool, Enjoy It!

When dirt, sand, leaves, and debris fall into your swimming pool, they usually end up sinking to the bottom.  The LeafVac provides a convenient place to collect debris for easy removal, back at the equipment and out of sight!  With a capacity 400% larger than your average pump basket, you can dispose of the contained debris easier and less often.  And even when the canister basket is full of debris, the proprietary design of the LeafVac ensures that the pump will still hold prime and not run dry.  Conventional pools accumulate debris quickly.  Pools equipped with a LeafVac are cleaner pools with debris held out of sight and ready for easy disposal.

A&A Manufacturing, The Company:

A&A Manufacturing was founded in 1982 as the research and manufacturing arm of Shasta Pools, one of America’s largest pool builders.  This unique relationship has allowed A&A to innovate based on real-world needs, as discovered and developed by Shasta Pools in their construction process.  One such need was to develop an automatic cleaning system, custom-designed for each pool being built.  Rather than relying on a hose-end robotic cleaner that is limited in its coverage and functionality, A&A created an in-floor cleaning system that hydraulically sweeps heavier debris into a collection area (the drain), while also keeping lighter debris such as sand and silt in suspension until it can be removed in the natural filtration cycle.  Since its inception, A&A has continually improved upon its original concept, making their products more and more efficient at accomplishing this task.  The QuikClean HP Extreme system is the most energy-efficient system on the market today, meaning that your pool will stay sparkling clean, and use less energy and time to do it.

CAD Designed To Clean Any Pool:

From initial design to the placement of each component of the QuikClean HP Extreme system, A&A engineers every detail using cutting-edge CAD technology.  This ensures the best possible performance for your pool.  This design is not a “one-size-fits-all” like most hose-end robotic cleaners, but a custom cleaning system for your custom pool.  Any design you can imagine, the QuikClean HP Extreme will clean now and for the lifetime of your pool.

IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator 
Turn ordinary salt into chlorine right in your pool.
Electrolytic chlorine generation (or salt chlorine generation) with IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorinator is the easiest, most effective, and convenient way to keep your pool water sparkling clean and sanitized. The IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorinator uses table salt to produce all the chlorine your pool needs, right in your pool – safely, effectively, and automatically.

An Eco Select™ Choice: Using only natural table salt, the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorinator automatic chlorine generator creates pure chlorine in the pool and eliminates the need to buy, store, and add harsh chlorine products manually. In effect, fewer resources are used in the production, packaging, and transportation of these chemical compounds.


  • Cell blades rated for 10,000 hours of operation – five years of reliable chlorine output under normal operating conditions
  • Full diagnostic capabilities, including cell life tracking that communicates remaining hours of cell life in real-time. Captures all performance data daily (production settings, hours of operation, chlorine output, cell cleaning cycles, salt readings, and water temperature averages)
  • Push-button operation and easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output, and water flow
  • Automatic shut-off feature protects the unit and prolongs cell life under low water temperature conditions
  • On-time cycling prevents calcium and scale build-up to maximize cell life
  • Ability to communicate with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch®, and SunTouch® Automation Systems
  • Certified to UL 1081 standard for safety

Paramount Clear O3 Water Purifying System
CLEAN, HEALTHY WATER DOESN’T HAVE TO COST YOU MORE. The Clear O3 water purifying system is the perfect addition to any new or existing pool for the cleanest water possible. Ozone actively breaks down non-living waste products in pool water which can combine with chlorine to form unhealthy by-products that can irritate skin and have been linked to asthma and other ailments. Use of ozone reduces the demand for pool chemicals by up to 70% and allows the chlorine in the pool to work more effectively as a disinfectant.

The patent pending ClearO3 consists of an extruded aluminum main body with fiber filled PPO resin end caps, so it is engineered to survive in the pool equipment environment. The cylindrical chamber of the Paramount ClearO3 system is optimized for maximum ozone generation and is sealed to minimize ozone leakage making the unit both powerful and safe around swimming pools. Radiant heat ribs dissipate heat to maintain ozone output at peak operating temperatures and the side panel is removable, making maintenance and bulb replacement easy.

Features & Benefits

  • New Flow Meter is easy to read and is simple to set for maximum efficiency
  • ClearO3 has the highest concentration of ozone with the least amount of air injected into the system
  • Changing UV bulbs is easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes
  • The cylindrical ozone excitement chamber is designed to maximize ozone production
  • Sealed aluminum construction virtually eliminates ozone leakage
  • Adjustable mounting tabs allow for easy installation near pool equipment
  • ClearO3 reduces chemical demand by up to 70%, making your pool chemicals work more effectively
  • ClearO3 takes advantage of the fact that ozone is heavier then air by releasing ozone at the bottom of the unit where the concentration is the greatest
  • Introducing ozone into the pump actively removes chlorinated compounds, increasing the lifespan of pool filters and other pool equipment
  • Unlike chlorine generating Salt Systems – ClearO3 requires no routine maintenance
  • By reducing the chemicals needed to properly maintain the water, ClearO3 provides a more environmentally sensitive solution, and the only byproduct is oxygen!

Pentair Rainbow™ 300
The Model 300 automatic chlorine/bromine freestanding feeder not only saves time, but also reduces manual handling of chemicals. Years of customer satisfaction has proven the 300 to be an ideal choice for new or existing pools or spas. An external fine control valve lets you adjust the feed rate to meet specific pool or spa requirements. This is the perfect way to easily sanitize your pool or spa and create more time for enjoying them.

The Rainbow™ Model 320 uses large or small Trichlor or Bromine slow dissolving tablets to make sanitizing your new or existing pool or spa easy and automatic. Designed for installation in the return line, the Model 320 feeder dispenses sanitizer directly into your pool or spa, downstream of all equipment.

Nature2® Mineral Sanitizers
Experience pool water clarity you can see and feel. Reduce chlorine use to just 0.5ppm
Now, Nature2 is available for your pool. That means you can experience a revolutionary new approach to sanitizing your pool that gives you the clearest water imaginable. The patented Nature2 sanitizer uses minerals to destroy bacteria and algae. Simply install the Nature2 Express™ sanitizer at you pool’s return line, activate the cartridge and let it do the rest for six months. Then, just sit back and start experiencing a more refreshing pool.

Using a Nature2 sanitizer means you can significantly reduce the use of harsh chemicals like chlorine in your pool. And continuous use of Nature2 in your pool means less suspended matter and a more consistent pH balance. Just think- Nature2 reduces the potential for stinging eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant odors.

Maintaining a pool with Nature2 is much simpler than using traditional chemical treatments. The Nature2 sanitizer works automatically and requires no electricity. Pool owners who have switched from chemical programs happily report that they are now spending considerably less time maintaining their pools with Nature2. This means more time for you to enjoy your pool and its fresh, clean water.

How does Nature2® Express work?
Water flows through the Nature2 Express Pool sanitizer which contains a layer of minerals which destroys bacteria and algae. The sanitizer contains no moving parts and is unaffected by heavy use, hot weather and water temperature. It provides the ultimate in water sanitation for your pool for six months.