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Lighting Products

Blue marlin Pools. Lighting Products

Blue marlin Pools. Lighting Products


Fiberstars™ LightStreams
Leading the way in LED.

The Lightstreams family of illuminated water features.

Mesmerizing, magical, enchanting are just a few adjectives used to describe LightStreams products. Used as a design element, they can create or frame a focal point of your pool or spa.

Lightstreams fountains makes for an experience that will delight your imagination and please your senses. There is nothing like the soothing sound of water and the visual excitement of color to create a mood and ambiance for your pool and outdoor oasis.

The effect is utterly captivating and elegant. It will compliment most any pool design. Lightstreams will add years of enjoyment.

LightStreams Products: 
Large Laminar
Mini Fountain
Rain Waterfalls
Lighted Rock Waterfalls
Lightstreams Star Pool Floor
Lighted Bubblers