We can help you visualize your dream pool.

LIC. # RP0066441

Design & Installation

We make the installation process part of the fun!
The Blue Marlin Pools takes each of our customers through a 12-Step process starting with design and ending with customer training for care and maintenance. We include our customers in each step to ensure that the end product meets and exceeds their expectations.

Design & 3D Rendering1. Design and 3D Rendering   Layout on Location2. Layout on location   The big dig3. The big dig   Dug Form4. 4. Dug form
Add Steel Rebar5. Add steel rebar Shoot the Shotcrete6. Shoot the Shotcrete Backfill
7. Backfill 
Plumb8. 8. Plumb
Form Footer9. Form Footer Fill Footer10. Fill Footer Add decking
 11. Add Decking
Add water, train & enjoy
12. Add water, train and enjoy